5 insurance conditions that have been reviewed for your perfect trip
Sunday, December 3

5 Important Travel Insurance Policy Conditions Reviewed

5 Important Travel Insurance Policy Conditions Reviewed

Hospital Costs – Insurance Conditions

This is one of the travel insurance policy conditions. When you are abroad and need to receive medical treatment in a hospital, your travel insurance does not always pay in advance. Call the insurance company and tell them what is happening.

Ideally, the insurance company should pay the hospital or doctor’s fees up front, as this saves you from trying to arrange more money.

International Emergency Assistance – Who to call?

All travel insurance companies have a process for notifying you in case of emergency events and how to handle them. Always look for a policy that offers local phone numbers that you can call in a large number of countries. This will make it easy to contact them if you encounter problems. Collect numbers do not work in all countries, so they should be avoided. Calling back to your own country can be very expensive depending on where you are.

Always make sure you have your emergency assistance contact information handy while traveling and keep an extra copy in your luggage.


A low deductible is very useful for a complete travel insurance because it allows you to claim more low cost items. Many policies offer a purchase of the excess for a fee. This is often a very good idea as it means that you can claim for anything you can and get a full refund.

Sports and Adventure Coverage

Travel insurance companies cover certain adventure sports, usually low-risk sports or activities. High-risk sports such as scuba diving and bungee jumping may be covered for an additional fee, but some companies usually cover them. If you are considering this possibility, you should check directly with the insurance company.

Pre-existing conditions

Many of us have certain medical conditions that could cause problems during a vacation. Conditions like asthma, arthritis, allergies. Sometimes they will be covered by insurance, sometimes not. They are listed in the PDS and you will need to contact your travel insurance company.


Reading customer comments is very useful as it provides an overview of customer complaints. Pay special attention to the ease and speed of complaints and try to solve any problems that have occurred, whenever possible.

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