Taj Mahal Day Enjoy the Same Tour by Train and enjoy
Sunday, February 25

Taj Mahal Day Enjoy the Same Tour by Train

Taj Mahal, India

One of the most famous monuments on the planet and one of the best things to go and visit is:

The grand mausoleum of India – Taj Mahal is the beauty personified! There are innumerable alluring aspects of this wonder of the world which makes it distinct from the rest of the world’s edifices. Nobody in the world has ever been able to justify its incredible splendor in words. It is a monument which, apart from comprising raw materials, holds emotion and compassion. It was the Mughal couple in which the man was the great Mughal emperor – Shahjahan and the wife was his most beautiful queen – Mumtaz Mahal.

Why should you visit it?

Apart from the importance of its emergence, the monument prevails as one of the seven wonders of the world. There are several attractive factors that make it an incredibly amazing place to visit in the world. The best part lies in its physical appearance which shows its different moods through its varied nuances. The monument splendidly comprises as many nuances as any kind of beauty can have. The Taj shows a pinkish hue as dawn approaches. With such brilliant characteristics, it rightly stands as the wonder of the world.
A precious place where no one wants to miss that sunset or be there and contemplate one of the seven wonders of the world, it was not given to them just because it is a beautiful clear structure. An unforgettable experience where you will enjoy the site alone or accompanied.

The tour

The tour will begin at the New Delhi train station, where you will catch the train in time and depart for Agra, where you will be able to explore this great mausoleum with all its intriguing features at its best as the sun sets so you can enjoy the moment.