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Short Term Travel Insurance, What Do You Think It Is?

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When I’ve asked people the question “What is Short Term Travel Insurance?” most of them think it is a type of travel insurance which is used only for short periods of time, at most a month or so. When they tell me that I have to correct them as to what “short term” really means.

Basically it means that you can purchase it for a short period of time usually a minimum of 5 days. But that’s not the whole story it can also usually be purchased for a period of 1 year and most plans will allow you to renew it for up to 2 to 3 years. I’m talking about Short Term Travel Medical Insurance. When you are travelling outside your home country you can also take U.S. style medical insurance with you. This means you can have the same types of benefits you are accustomed to at home in the U.S. or if you are from another country you can have U.S. quality medical insurance when you travel even when you travel to the U.S.

But there is another question. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that if you are going on an extended trip overseas perhaps a work related trip that might last a year to two you can get a Short Term Travel Insurance plan that will provide all of the travel and medical coverage you might need. The only coverage you won’t have is cancellation insurance, however it is usually available as an optional add on.

Here is a list of the benefits which are pretty normal for a short term travel insurance plan. Selectable deductible and plan maximum, coinsurance, hospital room and board, intensive care, medical expenses, outpatient medical, local ambulance, prescription drugs, emergency room accident, emergency illness with and without in-patient admission, dental, emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, return of mortal remains, returning minor children, political evacuation, common carrier accidental death, basic sports and activities coverage, terrorism coverage, identity theft assistance, natural disaster benefits and trip interruption  There could be other benefits either included or available as optional riders.

Of course the premiums you will pay for short term travel insurance will vary from plan to plan and from company to company as well as the other factors like deductible selected and plan maximum selected and your age. But for a traveler in their mid-thirties for a $500,000 plan and a $250 deductible the rate for a good short term travel insurance plan should be less than $60 a month. This is for an international plan excluding the U.S. For the same plan including the U.S. it should be less than $85 a month. Either of these premiums are extremely good when you look at all of the benefits.

So, how do you find a short term travel insurance plan like the one described here? The answer is simple the link below where you will find people to help you find a good short term travel insurance plan for your upcoming trip.

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